September 28, 2017
7:00 pm
School of Music

Neighborhood Concert Series: Wind Ensemble

“A Night At The Opera”


Polka and Fugue from Schwanda the Bagpiper                                                 Jaromir Weinberger



Little Threepenny Music                                                                                                   Kurt Weill

  1. Overture                                                                                     (1900-1950)
  2. The Moritat of Mack the Knife
  3. The Instead-of Song
  4. The Ballad of the Easy Life
  5. Polly’s Song; Tango-Ballad
  6. Cannon Song
  7. Three Penny Finale



Bandanna Overture                                                                                                       Daron Hagen

                                                                                                                                            (b. 1961)

Dr. Matthew Smith, conductor






Overture to “The Magic Flute”                                                              Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


                                                                                                         Arranged by Bastiaan Blomhert

Grant King, conductor


Carmen Symphony                                                                                                      Georges Bizet


                                                                                                               Arranged by José Serebrier

                                                                                                       Transcribed by Donald Patterson

  1. Prelude                                                                                                          
  2. The Cavalry
  3. Habanera
  4. Sequidilla
  5. Fugato
  6. Interlude I
  7. Toreador
  8. Interlude II
  9. Andante Cantabile
  10. Interlude III
  11. The Wedding
  12. Gypsy Dance