January 28, 2019
7:00 pm
Religion Seminar Series

Religion Seminar Series: Global Religious Perspectives on Climate Change

Jea Sophia Oh

Dr. Jea Sophia Oh is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, teaching Religion and Ecology, Environmental Ethics, Asian Philosophy, and Comparative Religions. Her book, A Postcolonial Theology of Life: Planetarity East and West (2011), is the first approach to bridge postcolonialism and ecological theology as well as the first full version of Asian ecofeminist theology. She is the Chair of ‘Comparative Religion and Ecology’ at the MAR/AAR.

Adrienne Krone

Adrienne Krone is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of Jewish Life at Allegheny College. Her research focuses on religious food justice movements in North America.

David Haberman

David L. Haberman is Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University. Much of his work has centered on temple Hinduism, the worshipful interaction with embodied forms of divinity. His current interests include the relationship between religion, ecology and nature.